Our teacher Kim Schimmel makes a start with musical education in the course Preschoolers Musical Adventures. Musical contrasts such as high/low & loud/soft are discussed in the cheerful and varied lessons. We will sing, play instruments, dance and move and thus stimulate not only musical, but also motor, social and language/speech development. The fixed structure in the lessons offers the children a sense of security. A lot of work is done with themes within the experience of the young child and the imagination is also stimulated with music lessons in the form of stories about, for example, animals and means of transport. The groups are not too large so that a safe, personal learning environment is created. Parents are invited several times during the season for an open lesson or an informal performance.

Preschoolers Musical Adventures is given on Mondays between 15:30 and 18:00 and on Wednesdays between 15:00 and 18:15 in the Omval. These lessons are intended for children in groups 1 and 2 and take place without parents. (Of course, they may stay with the children in the first lesson(s) if necessary to let them get used to it.)

Preschoolers musical adventures has 2×16 lessons of 45 minutes each. One which starts in September 2024 and one which starts in the 1st week of February 2025. Do you want to register directly for the 2024/2025 season? Press the Sign Up! button.