The guitar lessons are designed so that everyone can learn to play the guitar at their own pace. Children from the age of 6 can start taking guitar lessons. The lessons are private or in groups of 2 or 3. It is possible to learn to play popular music and classical music on the guitar. Initially, the emphasis in the lesson is on learning a good playing position and a good basic touch. This then makes it possible to learn to play songs.

An important part of the lessons is learning to read notes for guitar playing. With the help of reading music, students can practice songs from notation on the guitar. You can also learn to play chords on an acoustic guitar so that you can play pop songs. There is a continuous learning path of several years so that it is possible to continue to develop yourself on the guitar.

In addition to the guitar, Music School Diemen also teaches bass guitar and electric guitar.

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Trial lessons

The first lesson is always a trial lesson. If the pupil doesn’t continue with the lessons, this is free of charge. If the pupil continues the lessons, the trial lesson is the first lesson on the invoice.
You can also decide to follow 4 trial lessons. These lessons will be invoiced plus €25 administration costs. If the student continues for the entire season after the 4 trial lessons, the costs of the trial lessons will be included in the (first) invoice for the tuition fee. For more information, please see our rates and general rules and conditions.

Lesson details

Age: from 6 years (younger in consultation)

Lesson duration: 20, 25 or 30 minutes, once every 2 weeks, in consultation with the teacher

Lesson day(s): Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

To buy: To be discussed


Mieke Kooij

Mieke Kooij

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday