The piano: A symphony of versatility! It’s the Swiss Army knife of instruments, fitting into nearly every music genre with ease, be it a soulful solo or as the backbone of accompaniment.

From grand to upright, from acoustic to electric, the piano’s forms are as diverse as its history. It’s the modern descendant of the fortepiano, the very instrument that Mozart used to weave his keyboard magic.

Lessons are a canvas, painted with the student’s abilities and passions. My repertoire is a treasure trove of tunes from all walks of music—classical, pop, jazz, musicals, ragtime, and even the art of improvisation.

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Trial lessons

The first lesson is always a trial lesson. If the pupil doesn’t continue with the lessons, this is free of charge. If the pupil continues the lessons, the trial lesson is the first lesson on the invoice.
You can also decide to follow 4 trial lessons. These lessons will be invoiced plus €25 administration costs. If the student continues for the entire season after the 4 trial lessons, the costs of the trial lessons will be included in the (first) invoice for the tuition fee. For more information, please see our rates and general rules and conditions.

Lesson details

Age: from 6 years (younger in consultation)

Lesson duration: 20, 25 or 30 minutes, once every 2 weeks, in consultation with the teacher

Lesson day(s): Every day of the week (except Sunday)

To buy: To be discussed


Mariavi Molina

Mariavi Molina

Tuesday and Wednesday

Mkhitar Ghzaryan

Mkhitar Ghzaryan

Monday, Friday and Saturday

Serge Makarchev

Serge Makarchev

dinsdag en woensdag