The voice is a special instrument, unlike all other instruments, the voice has been in use for a lifetime. The way one speaks and sings and the shape of the inside of the face in which the voice resonates and is amplified, together with the length of the vocal cords, determine the possibilities and character of a voice. Every voice sound is therefore unique!

The singing lesson consists of 2 parts. In the first half, we work on singing technique through exercises. This includes, among other things: breathing technique, good diction, expanding the vocal range, volume, and developing the timbre of the voice. If the student cannot read music, attention is also paid to this aspect.

In the second half of the lesson we work on a piece of music, which can be classical, pop, musical and to a limited extent jazz.

The repertoire is chosen in consultation: your own preference for a particular style or piece is important. When working on a piece of music, the central focus is on conveying the composition as musically as possible. Work is also being done on interpretation of the text and presentation.

There are at least two presentation moments during a season.

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Trial lessons

The first lesson is always a trial lesson. If the pupil doesn’t continue with the lessons, this is free of charge. If the pupil continues the lessons, the trial lesson is the first lesson on the invoice.
You can also decide to follow 4 trial lessons. These lessons will be invoiced plus €25 administration costs. If the student continues for the entire season after the 4 trial lessons, the costs of the trial lessons will be included in the (first) invoice for the tuition fee. For more information, please see our rates and general rules and conditions.

Lesson details

Age: from 7 years (younger in consultation)

Lesson duration: 20, 25 or 30 minutes, once every 2 weeks, in consultation with the teacher

Lesson day(s): Wednesday

To buy: To be discussed


Anna B Kramer

Anna B Kramer