Anna B. Kramer was born in Zurich. She first studied at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri and then studied theater with Roy Bosier, Stephan Teuwissen and Paul Lohr of the Theater Academy in Zurich. M.Yemen Dzakis and Gabriela Fritschi took care of her voice and singing training. She trained in sound-oriented singing at the Lichtenberg Institute in Germany. Since then she visited this town regularly for further training and workshops by O.T. Theater Andrew Morrish and Fons van Tienen.

She worked as an actress and singer in various theater productions, including at the Stadsschouwburg in Zurich under the direction of A. Benning, David Mouchtar Samurai and Thomas Koerfer. She was seen at the Theater Kt. Zurich and at the Expo 2002 in Biel.

At the City Theater in Munich she was allowed to stage a scene from Don Juan and Faust together with Roy Bosier under the direction of A.Weber.

She has also worked with Stephan Teuwissen, Nicole Schwyzer, Melanie Huber and Tom Tafel.

In the Netherlands she has collaborated on projects with Vera Stiphout, Cindy Moorman, David Weber Krebs, Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink, Thomas Johannsen, Carola Baertschiger, Jetse Batelaan and Irene Schaltegger, Nina Hitz, Barbara Erdner and Florian Richter.

In addition to her performing activities as a singer and actress, Anna Kramer maintains a practice as a singing teacher. She has taught at several music schools and has a private practice. Since 2015 she has worked as a teacher at the Utrecht Conservatory. Nowadays also at Music School Diemen.