Music School Diemen offers various courses for the little ones for different age categories.

Toddler Music (8 months to 4 years)

Toddler Music is a series of lessons in which parents/guardians/grandfathers and grandmothers participate in the lesson. Judith Sijp discovers the world of music together with the child through sounds, songs and games.

Preschoolers Musical Adventures (Group 1 en 2)

Preschoolers Musical Adventures is a series of lessons led by Kim Schimmel. Children are introduced to sounds, songs and instruments.

Music Orientation (Group 3 and 4)

The lessons are primarily a follow up to Preschoolers Musical Adventures, but can also be seen as a first introduction to music. This series of lessons led by Kim Schimmel delves deeper into music, notes, etc.

Instrument Safari: (Groep 3 and 4)

In discover your sound you will become acquainted with most of the instruments taught at the Diemen music school in 16 lessons. This way you will most likely make the right choice and it will be your first introduction to a real instrument.