Music School Diemen provides a variety of musical education services. In addition to individual instrument lessons, they also offer music education in nearly all primary schools in Diemen. The school organizes numerous activities either independently or in collaboration with other parties. You can find Muziekschool Diemen students participating in various Diemen events, including the Loswalfestival, Diemer Festijn, Wereldfestival, and, of course, the annual Slotconcert (Final concert) where all students showcase their talents.

Every year, Muziekschool Diemen hosts an Open Day , allowing visitors to explore their lessons, bands, and try out different instruments. It’s a delightful afternoon to gather information, meet the teachers, and discover all the possibilities.

Ensemble playing is highly valued at Muziekschool Diemen. They offer several group courses and ensembles.

The Board of Music School Diemen.

Music School Diemen has a volunteer board that meets at least 8 times a year:

Frank BijenChairman (
Niels BogaardsSecretary
Jeroen HogendorpTreasurer
Fleur MarkusBoard Member

Behind the Screens:

Rombout StoffersCoordinator
Eline RusmanCustomer service & communications employee