Kim Schimmel gives varied courses in which children lay a valuable foundation for their further musical development.

Music Orientation is mainly aimed at the very beginning and everyone from group 3 and 4. Music theoretical subjects such as notation, measure & rhythm, are alternated and combined with singing, playing instruments, listening games and movement. Different music styles are used.

The course focuses on cheerfulness and stimulation of social development. This is done by learning to listen to each other, playing together and moving. In addition, after taking these lessons, students have priority for placement within the regular lesson offer in the following season.

The Music orientation lessons will be at: Monday afternoons between 15:30 and 18:00 and on Wednesday afternoons between 15:00 and 18:15. The exact times will be announced later. The lessons are given in room 2.1 of Theater de Omval.

There are 16 lessons of 45 minutes each. The costs are €149.
You can sign up via the form.

The follow-up to this course is the Instrument Safari which starts in the first week of February 2025.