The term Keyboard typically refers to a keyboard instrument that not only produces various sounds but also includes an accompaniment system on board that is controlled via chords. These ‘arranger keyboards’ provide the possibility of using automatic accompaniment in various styles and genres. Essentially, the ‘arranger keyboard’ is the successor to the earlier home organ.

Another branch within the family is the synthesizer. Compared to arranger keyboards, synthesizers are more advanced when it comes to creating and manipulating sounds. On the other hand, they often lack automatic accompaniment and sound amplification. As a result, synthesizers are primarily used for composing or playing in a band. Nowadays, synthesizers exist in both hardware and software forms.

Yet another category is the MIDI keyboard or master keyboard. In its pure form, a master keyboard does not produce any sounds. It can be connected to a sound module or computer via a MIDI connection or USB port. This allows the sounds of the instrument or computer it is connected to (referred to as the ‘slave’ at that moment) to be controlled. The master keyboard thus functions as a type of MIDI controller. An arranger keyboard or synthesizer can also serve as a master keyboard, provided it has a MIDI connection.

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