At the music school, unwanted situations can arise where you find yourself unable to resolve them and want to report them. For such situations, Muziek School Diemen has a confidential advisor.

The confidential advisor is there for students, parents/guardians of students, teachers, and other individuals associated with the music school. You can turn to this person for reports about difficult situations or complaints related to unwanted behavior, such as aggression and violence, sexual harassment/unwanted intimacies, bullying, discrimination, conflicts, or tensions.

The confidential advisor provides:

  1. Initial support and a listening ear.
  2. Assessing whether an informal solution is possible.
  3. If desired, guidance for addressing the matter with the Muziek School Diemen’s board.
  4. Referral to other support services.
  5. Providing information on how to address unwanted behavior.

The confidential advisor always treats the information from anyone who contacts her confidentially. There is a confidentiality obligation.

If there is something happening at Muziek School Diemen that prompts you to contact the confidential advisor, you can send an email to Ingeborg Stokhof at the following email address:

Your email will exclusively reach the confidential advisor and will not be read by anyone else. In this email, you don’t need to provide a description of the complaint yet, but you can if you’d like. After receiving your email, Ingeborg will contact you as soon as possible