Mariavi Molina (1994 Málaga, Spain) is a pianist described as ‘a unique musical personality with a colorful and moving sound’. She started playing the piano when she was 5 years old. She completed her bachelor’s degree in classical music in her home town. After that she came to the Netherlands to follow her master’s studies with Frank van de Laar.

She has won a number of prizes, such as the XI Soloist Competition (2016) organized by the Conservatory of Higher Music Studies of Málaga. XI Málaga Musical Foundation Award for the Best Academic Report from the Conservatory of Higher Musical Studies of Málaga 2017 and she has participated in international music masterclasses. She is committed to making classical music more accessible to the general public. She enjoys drawing, photography and making videos and she likes to combine this with her piano playing to create multidisciplinary projects.

Her other passion is teaching. She started private piano lessons when she was 17. The title of her master degree was: “The Teaching Technique. How could the way I teach arm-weight technique, focusing on legato and phrasing, be improved”?

She is patient and understanding with her students. She helps them see the good things and use mistakes to keep improving. Learning is easier in a relaxed, supportive and fun atmosphere and she does her best to achieve that. She wants them to be autonomous, so she always encourages self-reflection. She also understands music and art as a holistic experience, which is why she likes to connect theory, history, technology, imagination, emotions and other art forms in her lessons. Mariavi knows the importance of playing and studying naturally and she emphasizes that.

This pianist really loves making music together and strives to make sure the  that her students have this opportunity too!