Mieke Kooij studied classical guitar at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam (SCA) under Lex Eisenhardt and attended masterclasses with Roberto Aussel, Pavel Steidl, Carlo Domeniconi, Stefan Hackl, and Alvaro Pierri. She forms a vocal-guitar duo with mezzo-soprano Eveline Juten, specializing in performing romantic-era songs. She has collaborated with the ensemble ‘Les Troubadours du Nord’, focusing on 19th-century songs. She has also given various concerts with a classical guitar trio.

After her studies at the SCA, she obtained her Master of Science in Pedagogy from the University of Amsterdam. Mieke Kooij has 25 years of experience in teaching guitar. She has taught at various music schools, including ‘Scholen in de Kunst’ in Amersfoort. She has been giving guitar lessons at the Diemen Music School for over 15 years.