Els Hermanides is responsible for offering music education at several primary schools within Diemen; at Octopus, Het Atelier, De Kersenboom, and Noorderbreedte, she provides project-based music lessons, and as a ‘Meer Met Muziek’ teacher, she has been the specialist music teacher at the Ark since 2008 throughout the year.

In addition to teaching, Els is active as a choir conductor and frequently performs concerts with various ensembles and baroque orchestras.

Els Hermanides studied school music at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam (1989-1994) and later studied the traverso with Marten Root, where she obtained her diplomas for teaching and performing musician in 1998. As a graduated school musician, Els is a specialist music teacher at several primary schools, where she conducts the music lessons, choir class, and an instrumental ensemble.