Creating music by yourself is a joy, but joining forces to experience the rhythm and becoming part of something larger makes the music come alive. During our weekly rehearsals, we dive into perfecting our sound, attitude, arrangements, and, most importantly, ensemble play. Bands are crafted based on musical tastes, skill levels, and age groups. We play the tunes you love and aim for live performances, events, and perhaps even recording sessions! Already have a band and looking for professional guidance? We’ve got you covered. Currently, due to location constraints, we’re unable to offer band lessons. However, you’re welcome to sign up, and should the situation change, we’ll inform you immediately. Sign Up!



1, 2, 3, 4! The music is pumping up, a new beat flows into the music. How much fun is it to make sure the music doesn't stop and songs flow smoothly into each other? With a DJ set, you create beautiful transitions and determine the atmosphere. Adults and teenagers from 10 years old can register and learn how to operate the DJ set and make two songs run exactly the same rhythm to make them flow smoothly into each other with beautiful effects and adjustments in the music. It is the first step in making electronic music yourself and is great fun to do.

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