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The Muziekschool Diemen offers music lessons in a wide range of instruments, for both children and adults. Think of: piano, keyboard, (electric) guitar, saxophone, cello, trumpet, violin, percussion and the recorder, but also singing.

Instrumental lessons are given individually: 20 minutes per week in the same seasonal schedule as the primary schools in Diemen (40 weeks). Do note that lessons can start any time of the year.

For children less than 21 years old, the charges are: € 550,-
If you have trouble paying this amount, the gemeente Diemen can offer financial help.

For adults (> 21), the charges are higher: € 847,- for a whole year of lessons, including VAT.

For the smallest children (0 – 4 years) we offer Muziek op Schoot for (grand)parents and their children: singing songs and playing rhythm games. Great fun for everyone.

If you are already experienced in playing an instrument you can join our learning orchestra (Het Diemer Orkestje) and enjoy playing with other enthusiastic amateur musicians on Monday evenings.

For guitarists, percussionists and aspiring pop artists we have ensembles and a band.

Lessons take place in Theater de Omval in the centre of Diemen (percussion in primary school Het Atelier).

If you require more information: see the Contact page or send an email to We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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